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Legend (2024)

Director :

Selçuk Aydemir

Stars :

Ahmet Kural,Cengiz Bozkurt,Cemile Canyurt,Sinasi Yurtsever

Genre :


Release :


Rating :

5 from IMDb

Story :

Main character and his family, who live in Çorum, they make yoghurt as a family tradition dating back thousands of years, and they are known for the taste and healing properties of their yoghurt. The secret of this legendary yoghurt is kept by the grandfather, the eldest of the family, and he makes the yoghurt. However, when snow falls on the roof of your grandfather's house on a summer day, everything will change... According to legend, if it snows on the roof of the person who has the secret on a summer day, that secret should be transferred to someone else and given to someone else in the family. If it is not given, great disasters will befall the family and they will be destroyed. All members of the family should come together to lend a helping hand as soon as possible.

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